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You can become a Benefactor or Sponsor via a one-time, or monthly, or annual contribution.

To get started, Email, Text, or Call me at:

aspooner@MyLiberty.US          Mobile: 323-496-5626

I will answer questions, discuss your financial participation, the acknowledgement you will receive on the website and/or in video credits, as well as, provide you the banking information needed to receive your contribution.  If you love the Statue of Liberty and what she stands for as much as I do, then become a benefactor or sponsor. 


Your financial contribution gives this important, heartfelt project life.


Thank you in advance.

Alan Spooner


Alternate email:

MY LIBERTY is a timeless, feel good, legacy project.

This is needed now more that ever.

OUR ANNUAL MISSION: To use the patriotic & emotional MY Liberty song video & website to reach millions of people of all ages; as we powerfully foster, promote & stimulate public knowledge of and interest in the history and true meaning of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; in addition to stimulating an annual increase in website visitors and onsite visitations to both Liberty Island and Ellis Island; and further, to provide an ongoing supplemental source of annual operating funds for the National Park Service and this global icon.



to the 3-minute music video.

Then look around the under-construction website. Enjoy.



Upgrades to music, video and website. Ongoing Marketing & Operations.


1.  The MY LIBERTY video footage (currently on our website) will be visually enhanced. My Liberty, the song, will be digitally re-mastered. Together, they will provide the highest quality audio/video 3-minute presentation imaginable.  An innovative & upbeat tribute to a beautiful and significant lady, the Statue of Liberty. 


The music video is crafted to specifically emotionally impact viewers. A portion of revenue generated from song & video sales & video views will help provide additional revenue for the operations of our National Parks and this beloved global Icon.


2.  Upgrade of the website’s design, functionality & security. Our entire MY LIBERTY website is designed to ultimately be self-sufficient, as well as a perpetual catalyst for achieving our ongoing mission. 


3.  Launch the marketing phase of MyLiberty.US within the United States.  Our strategic campaign is expansive and designed to be self-perpetuating: reaching all ages and markets around the world – year after year after year.

"That's My Liberty!"

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