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This video & song were lost for over 32 years before their official release.

Now, discover for yourself.

MY LIBERTY expresses the timeless & personal heartfelt love

of both Americans & Immigrants for The Statue of Liberty and what she symbolizes about America:  liberation from oppression, freedom to be & do, and of course, courage.

> >   WATCH VIDEO - PLAY TIME:  3 minutes  < <

( ( ( TURN ON SOUND ) ) )


The Statue of Liberty - Song Video

MY LIBERTY TITLE LOGO test_edited.png


for a

time warp!

(I’m in the video)

(me too...)

MY LIBERTY TITLE LOGO test_edited.png

“Look at her, will you look at her. Standing so statuesque, picturesque.

Looking her very best. Oh, what a lady! That’s my lady….”

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The Statue of Liberty Song Video


You hear a harmonica play the beginning of The Star-Spangled Banner as dark gentle waves fill the screen with a small glowing image against a breaking sunrise. Suddenly the music erupts, and the fast-paced visual story begins to unfold in sync with the song’s impassioned lyrics and music. You are instantly flooded with a wide range of sentiments as you ‘feel the emotions’ from the courageous and hopeful historic images filling the screen. 3 minutes later, when the song ends, you are a little misty-eyed, elated and very proud.    

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